Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 15/16 Update

Officially less than 2 weeks and i'm homebound!!!! literally cannot contain my excitement. i miss my mom and everyone back home so much.

I'm just counting down the days till last day of class, which is this friday..and then last day of finals which is next wednesday! can't believe a whole semester has already gone by.
Didn't i JUST get here? Didn't i just blogged about "week 1 update" ?! #stopthistrain

anyways other than school, i started work! I'm still in training mode but they put me in the fitting room this past sunday and it was such a good feeling being back at it. I know i told myself i wouldn't do retail again, but it just feels good working again. I'm such a do-er that getting things done, being me some sort of weird high. LOL i was smiling the whole time just so so happy and blessed to be working in such a good environment too~ Management and all the associates are super sweet and nice from what i've seen #thankGod
happy team, ...happy life..? hahah

Still looking for housing for the summer but just trusting God to somehow keep me in your prayers pretty please! financially and in the relationships i hope to maintain/develop~ i hope that this summer will be one to remember- first summer in chicaggooooo woop!

bowling league has been fun! i've been sucking so much though :( i feel so bad for my team LOL literally bringing them down so much. i should at least be getting 110s but i've been in the 80-90 range HAHA fail. Cynthia, if you're reading'd be very disappointed. I need to get my skills back as if i'm playing with you/our group! i think because of the pressure i'm doing worse..womp. hopefully i'll do amazing the last monday i'll be participating in it! missing the last week but i'm pretty sure my team will do better without me hahah

other than life has just been filled with eating, sleeping, studying, and some more eating.
My walk with God is always challenging to keep up, but i'm still fighting! so i hope you guys are too, and staying encouraged. As i've repeatedly'll have times where you don't necessarily "feel" God- but trust me, He is by your side. He is holding your hand and has your back! All about appreciating the little things, noticing whats to come, and always being thankful :) that is what keeps me going~ need to constantly discipline myself! but it's been working, so i hope your walks have been consistent-ish too~

anywhoooo, i have a test tomorrow and i'm here babbling on about nothing. those who have finals, good luck! final stretch- you got this! and those who are slumming and dying at work, you got this too! look forward to the weekends and memories you make along the way :D

love all of you guys and feel free to send any prayer requests along! i'd be more than happy and grateful to pray for you. xx

Do Everything In Love, Always~


  1. So I try to read your blog whenever I see you've updated, but sometimes it goes by the wayside and I click it every few weeks, but how funny is it that the one post you mention me I manage to read right away? Must be some sort of connection hehe (:

    Reading about your experiences in Chicago is so uplifting and encouraging. I literally have to move everything down to Philly this summer and your conviction and reliance on God is something that inspires me to do the same. It's a difficult journey, but one step at a time, right?

    Anyway I miss you and can't wait to catch up! Good luck on your finals; finish strong you can do it! Congratulations on the job too; that's another thing I need to get when I move down ...

    And you best be knocking all those pins over! Last time I went I got like 140 or 150 (crazy right?!) so you can definitely do the same, okay?!

    1. LOL! what a coincidence ^^ hehe oh i'm so happy i can be an encouragement! WE have to catch up on YOU too! can't wait to see u love~
      but i'll be praying for you! Jeremiah 29: 11-13 girlie! its the best esp in times of change and in anytime you're anxious/worried :)

      UGH i will make you proud hopefully this monday! ill send u a photo to prove it..i WILL get 150!! (HAjokes) :)

  2. Your blog makes me smile! It has been such a joy to be your suitemate this semester!

    1. thanks love! you're the sweeetestttt~ it's been a joy to have you too :')