Sunday, May 11, 2014

Road less taken

So since my last update was superduper depressing, i thought i'd give some encouragement...

So God never told me it'd be easy. He didn't promise me a happy jolly life filled with magical shiny things. He didn't say i'll be filled with complete satisfaction every second but he also didn't say that i was going to be alone. It's the road less taken.

He DID promise me that He'll take care of me. That as long as i trust Him, i will be okay.
So yes, i'll have a day or two (or more) where i'm super sad, discouraged, and even angry at this world/people...but i always somehow am taken back to the cross.

That God gave it all FOR US and that because we live in this fallen state, we are going to have troubles, seasons of dryness, and just straight up struggles. But while all that happens, our God, our Father, our amazing watching over us. Planning the next move, making sure that we are being taken care of. Why? Because He LOVES us. ^^

Makes me super happy thinking about how great our God is, and how no matter what i have, what i don't have, how sad or how happy i am...He's right there cheering me on, picking me up, and just watching out for me.
And that is the same for each of you guys reading this as well.

Trust me, it isn't easy. But life is a heck of a lot better with God on your side, loving you, drowning you in His grace. It truly has been an amazing past few months and i only hope to grow deeper.

Hope you guys are doing well and still fighting this amazing fight. Fight with me, let's pray, let's grow deeper, and just love like He loves. xx

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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