Saturday, December 6, 2014

Emotional Inventory

As i sat through a sermon this past Sunday, i was reminded how significant my consistent blogging this past year has been(except the recent months).

Emotional Inventory is what the Pastor called it. He emphasized how important an emotional inventory is ...DAILY. Not just once a month, or even just once a year. But a daily habit we must take on.

Whether it's writing your emotions/feelings down in a blog, journal, to a friend, etc -- have an outlet of communication. Only then are you able to acknowledge and come to terms to how you really feel.
Majority of the time, we're stuck avoiding what we're really feeling due to how "busy" we get after a situation occurs -- not allowing time to feel.

Don't let it get to a stage where you end up...let's say, running away to another state to avoid your problems/feelings all together ...heh. (yes, i'm talking about myself.) -- and that's a post for another day.
But it really does build up. Work, friends, family, and so many days past by being too "busy." that one day you become confused to how you really feel, as opposed to what your actions or even heart may have intended.

Emotional Inventory: Take a few minutes a day..of silence, or with some nice background music of your choice. Let yourself comprehend what's been happening in life, and allow yourself to let the emotions hit. F e e l what you want to, S a y what you want to - communicate it verbally, or tucked into a journal. That way, you at least can say you're emotionally healthy, and aware of how you're feeling and what you should do with those feelings (in the most logical, rational, healthy way).

My best form of emotional inventory? Talking to God in the shower, drives to/from work, etc. Anytime i have alone time, i try to always fill the space with music or some distraction. But these days, i've been trying my best to just talk to Him-- trust me, it helps ;)

And on another note, 2014 is come to a near end. I've said this the past 2 times i've blogged sporadically, but i hope to write soon my friends. Hope you all are so so good and well.


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