Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 13/14 Update

These updates are getting harder to do...they seem so boring! LOL but for those who have been checking up on me through fb/blog, heres a quick update!

I GOT A JOB!!!! As a sales associate at Anthropologie :)
I seriously am so so so thankful and blessed. Words really cannot describe how i felt when i received the phone call. Even when i applied for the position, i doubted myself because i don't fit the anthropologie style but i just applied because i was desperate. I knew i wouldn't get it and just forgot about it. But 2 weeks later, i got an email saying to complete an online survey (which i was nervous about too) but then i received another email saying to come in for an interview the day after! It was so unexpected and i was so so nervous...i still am idk why. LOL

I seriously was praying all week and asking God to just be with me throughout the interview..i researched so much about the company too :x I seriously just felt like i wasn't good enough or fashionable enough for anthro- even though it's just a retail job, i just didn't feel qualified! But throughout the interview, He seriously helped me to carry out the conversation, be myself, and just be genuine in showing my character and work ethics. The manager and I clicked so so well i was so happy :) She told me at the end she'll let me know by end of day tomorrow her decision..she called me 45 minutes later apologizing that she just couldn't wait and wanted to offer me it right away! SERIOUSLY, how can i not praise God?!

But that's how i know it's all God. And it's so funny because every time i decide i want to take control of something or think that I was the one that made it happen, He tends to take it away or say no. Isn't our God funny? But whenever i put my trust in Him and simply ask Him to take over..He says YES CHILD! Here is what i want to give you- here is all the desires of your true heart :) hahaha. ahhh but it was definitely a humbling experience getting rejected to jobs that i really wanted and/or getting jobs that i knew weren't something i was looking for/would want. 

Again, i know it's just a retail position, nothing fancy..but i'm just so blessed that i got a job. And it wasn't anything i did that gave me was all God! Even my previous experience at Uniqlo, God gave me that job- helped me learn so much..and that helped me get this job! WOOP see what God does? :) tehe. i'm just so happy.

SO THANK YOU! For all who prayed for me about getting a job, thank you thank you thank you! All those prayers worked :) seriously...thank you. <3

anyways...that was a long job blurbbb but thats really the newest thing! 
I'm just working hard towards the end of the school year, still trying to figure out what i'm going to do this summer, but at least i know i have a job waiting for me! :) I'm 100% confident in God and in the fact that He'll provide whatever housing/financials i need. 

I also joined a bowling league..LOL. It's a thing where the suburb korean american churches come together..and bowl for 5 weeks! Great time for fellowship between the churches and also just spending time getting to know other people in the chicagoland area! And seeing calvary people outside church is great too :D 

But other than that..i don't think anything else is new. talk to me, chat me up, i'd love to talk to you more in detail! 
Thanks for all who always check up and for allowing me to encourage you guys through my words and my life. So much love for everyone back home and everyone i've been meeting. It's been a great journey and i'm excited for what is to come. :) Please feel free to ask for any prayer requests or just a time to rant/chat. I'm always open and free to converse with you guys.

OH and less than a month till i come home for 2-3 weeks :D #ijustcantwaittostuffmyfacewithalltheyummyfoodbackathome #ohimissyouguystoo ^^

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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