Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 12 Update

"You are strong when I am weak somehow
I am weak enough to see
I need you to cover me
If i ever needed grace, it's now"

This song has literally been on mind so much...i woke up singing in my head "You are strong when I am weak somehow" saturday morning at 5:28 am -- LOL
But it literally has been such an amazing song to just sing and remind myself how much i'm in need of His grace, daily. Whether my life seems fantastic or seems to be tumbling down... He's strong when i am weak and He always always covers me. Always provides for us.

Anyyyways hope y'all enjoy that song while you read my update..
Week 12~ officially 3 months in the midwest! i'm actually really enjoying illinois..i realized i compare it so much to home because i've lived in jersey most of my life (so i apologize for my annoyance!) But..illinois does has it's perks :) Amazing people, hidden gems, food jersey doesn't have, drive-thrus, and beautiful view of stars every night~ can't wait till it's warmer.
I still cannot believe i'm here- i wake up everyday in awe..just questioning what on earth i did to deserve His grace to be here, to be growing daily, to be receiving of His grace daily. MAN it's seriously a blessing.

School has been good~ i've been trying to get back to school mode so i'm getting a whee bit better! I had advising this week to see what to take next semester..and i was kind of freaking out because i'm never going to graduate -_- literally have soOooo many credits to take since a lot of my transfer credits will only be counted as elective. My goal is to graduate May 2016..But December 2016 won't be too bad~ as long as i get there..right? heh...
And i decided to change my emphasis! I came here for Youth Ministry, which is my emphasis~ but i'm going to do Pastoral Studies instead. So..Christian Ministries with an emphasis on Pastoral Studies. If you're interested in getting to know why, please ask- I'd be happy to share in depth rather than using just a few words here on my blog.

We had our first book club meeting this past saturday! it's been awesome so far. The book, "Life Together" Dietrich Bonhoeffer is about community within Christians. It's been a huge blessing reading it thus far, so i hope to share it as soon as i'm done :)
Some of us went rock climbing after book club- first time for mee! it was a really cool experience- seeing how easy it looks..yet so so difficult to achieve! My goal was to get to the top of at least, and although it was a 5.6 level of difficult (aka, super easy) - i did it! My goal for next time is getting through this 5.7 one...ah it was so difficult! :( Below are some pics from the day though ! 

 me and rebecka after sweating :D
 gettttting ready~

 our first official pic ! thanks james~

 so intense. guarantee you the ground was probably right below my foot. HAHA
 trying too hard to stay on :x

rebecka being the natural she is!! got up super high~

I also can't believe it's almost easter! Lent is almost over and it's probably the first time i'm not tracking down the days dying to finally do what i gave up (watch korean dramas) LOL - it's been tempting me like 2-3 times a week, but i'm solidddd

But i am counting down the days till easter break! Even though spring break was just a few weeks ago, i feel like i didn't really get rest rest~ and with christianschoolperks, we have 4 days off for easter break :))) ~ i'm just excited to chill and enjoy the hopefully beautiful spring weather that will take over that weekend. --which also leads me to say i've officially adapted spring. Although it's still 30-40 degrees most days, i've set my mind to SPRING MODE - aka i've ditched the jackets and refuse to look like i'm still rotting in winter. hehe.

Anddddd ma best biddie booked a ticket to see me when i finish my last final so i'm super super excited :) i can't wait to show her around and explore chicago together! 

Well, hope everyone has a victorious, blessed week ! much love to you guys all the time. 
And to leave you guys with some encouragement, i hope all of you know how much God loves you. Its easier said than to believed- but truly, that is my only prayer for you guys. Because then, i won't have to worry about you guys! lol! cause when you grasp even just a bit of how much God loves you and how much He cares for you, you'll be forever changed. -- so keep on keeping on, and fight the good fight! love you all, have a superrrrrbbb monday! xo

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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