Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 11 Update

Last day of March.
Where does time go?! I swear it was just new years.......and i swear i just got to illinois- lost & confused. (well i still am hehe)

but as i've said in previous posts, life is G O O D :)
I'm just so thankful everyday. Living in His grace everyday.
Everyday isn't spectacular or eventful...yet somehow God speaks to me. I either find it, or He finds me in the tiniest ways ~ it's sort of romantic and cute. ....

haha but seriously, everything has been great. school work is good except for my stupid world civ class..which i hate....and really considering dropping..but i'll push through! (prayformeplease)
church has been great. getting involved in their book club! we're reading "Life Together" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Apparently an amazing short read! will probably write a summary/review on it later on~

the only huge thing on my mind currently is my summer plans. I'm super duper excited to be going home May 19th (EEP) but i'm desperately searching to get hired here in Chicago for an internship or summer temp job. (prayformeplease) ! I've been getting glimpses of what God has in store for specifically in illinois, and i'm more than excited to follow and unwrap it all. So currently looking for jobs in chicago since it'll be ideal! but if not, i'm also applying for suburb jobs so continue with it after summer.
Also, looking for sublet/apt for rent over the hopefully i'll find an awesome deal~

Main reason i don't want to stay home (jersey) this summer is much as i miss home and my friends and ugh my beautiful ma, i know it won't do me any good. I will just be unproductive, lazy, and super comfortable. I want to be able to take full advantage of my first summer here~ explore the land, develop awesome relationships, and fall in love with this new state. my hopes are high! (crossingmafingers)

anyyyyways, other than that....

I do have a prayer requests for my dedicated stalkers <3 Thanks so much for even reading these useless posts, but following up/sometimes even admitting stalking me. It truly makes my day :') ~ but i'm currently/have always been struggling financially. I know God always ends up providing some way some how, so i just hope y'all would pray with me that He'll give my mom and I peace that He'll again- provide.

Also, as many of you know, i hate asking people for anything...even prayer requests! So thank you in advance. Especially when i asked for missions, i didn't expect anything, but got more than i ever imagined.

With that said...I would love any support i can get. I still have exactly $400 left to raise for my missions fund. Trinity has been overly gracious in giving me more time to raise it~ I thought i could keep babysitting, spend less money, and try my best to save up enough..but unfortunately it didn't happen.

My missions support letter is in my blog, but my updated post mission newsletter can be found through this link for download:

After reading, you'll see how much God has truly...just wrecked me...and opened my eyes. It's truly been an amazing opportunity and humbling experience to have gone and seen what God has been doing there. And also to see what God wants me to understand and comprehend about His love for His children. I truly hate asking for anything from anyone, but if any of you feel convicted to do so, i would happily, graciously, lovingly..receive any more donations if possible. Please do not feel obligated to! This is seriously me just putting it out there because i'm out of options. I'm sure God will provide in other ways if not :) But anyways, link is:

In advance, thank you for all who already contributed- and to those who might contribute. It's been a huge blessing (you can tell from my blogs) being here in Trinity and just serving those around me/taking any opportunity to serve. Please please don't hesitate to talk to me/share with me/ask for prayer requests. I am always so down to share my love for Christ with anyone! :)

Love you all, have a wonderful week everyone!! ^^

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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