Sunday, September 7, 2014


Peace: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.
(defined from

Free from disturbance; quiet...and tranquility. That's all my heart wanted, and i finally got it.

I think sometimes, when our hearts are burdened and we feel suffocated, we need to make tough decisions. What will it take to relieve that stress and burden on our hearts? Do we already know what to do..? What will we lose? What will it take...

The past few months have been filled with life decisions i've made, and the past few years have been filled with many ups and downs. Nonetheless, i think all those decisions needed to take place in order to get me exactly where i am today. I don't regret anything i've done nor do i regret any horrible circumstance or amazing circumstance i was put in. I am a firm believer in the idea and notion that "everything happens for a reason."

Whether it was made to allow me to learn from a mistake, or to further my journey into this thing called "life," it ultimately helped me someway or another....into the "peace" i needed at this very moment. 

I also recently came across this quote, which then became my caption for my current prof pic:

"Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy."
And i just love that. To respect respect your own happiness. I think that once you make that decision to walk away from something that isn't right for you, even if it means you may have failed.. theres a moment of peace...a moment you recognize where.."everything is going to be okay." -- because up until that very moment where you decided what's ultimately best for you, your heart was frantic..your head was spinning, and you really didn't know if everything was going to be okay.

But the second you crossed that line, to make that stern decision (whatever that may be) -- there was peace. That burden was lifted. that headache, gone. that surrounding noise that's been spinning around your head? silent.

And to be quite honest, i don't think all of this happens unless you love and respect yourself enough to give yourself that. To give yourself a chance to make mistakes, but also to come closer to happiness. To come closer to the life that God ultimately planned for you. Because really, there is no wrong decision in this life...we all make bad choices eventually. But thankfully, we've got a God who makes even the worst situations...all part of His grand ole' plan.

And that's the thing about p e a c e. it doesn't mean that everything is okay..but i think it's a gift God gives us. The idea that even if it's not okay, you're one step towards the happiness we're all striving for. And that momentary peace that comes before another series of chaotic all the more meaningful when it comes again. 

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