Tuesday, September 2, 2014


s n a p   b a c k

it's just one of those days, one of those weeks
where nothing seems to be quite "right."

I think we tend to get into this depressed mood or an unsatisfied state of mind where we spend too much time thinking about what "could" be and what "should" be. We dream of a different life, we fantasize about how things can be better if we could just have this, do that, or be it.

maybe we just need to stop for a second --
to breathe. in and out. in and out.
just be still in this moment of clarity -- the clarity that reminds you that you're O K.
more than okay actually. you've survived worst times, you're actually doing quite well.

so all you need to do is s n a p b a c k into the reality that we live in.
To be okay with what is going on, and to continue to strive and persevere.

And to strive and persevere in my own personal life: to keep fighting this good good fight.
the fight we were all destined to go through -- living in this world while we're not of this world.

like i've said in previous posts, it's not always easy. God never promised it'd be a cake walk -- then we'd all be happy and fat. but its a tough one --
Oh but that joy...that lies ahead is ALL we need to keep striving. even i have moments of doubt, worry, and straight up ignorance that lasts weeks and i just have no idea anymore.

But to be quite honest, there is not a day that goes by, where i don't think about what i'm truly called to do, and what i desire the most: to love God and love people. it's as simple as that.
that is what keeps me going.

so heres the belated belated promised post: to s n a p back. snapback, and keep fighting.


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