Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"See you later"

The past 8 months have been .. nothing but ordinary.
I packed up my life into my cute lil civic, and moved 800 miles away from home, and decided to start a new one. I made amazing friends, learned and grew so much, and learned to love this lil place i began to call home.

However, as i shared with very few of you, i am moving back home..to jersey. (sad)
It was a super tough decision to make, but due to circumstances and personal things happening, i decided it was best to finally give up my stubborn act of "i'm never moving back home!!"

And I'm so blessed with awesome friends who guided me and talked me through these crazy decisions (thank you ladies) and who sat with me for hours as i ranted about my life and what my insane self is thinking. I'm blessed with the notion to know exactly when i have to make a decision and to be completely at peace with it once its made. And i'm so blessed to have God right by my side, letting me know..that everything is going to be okay.

But as i said, the past 8 months here in the beautiful (cold) chicago burbs have been unexplainable. Although i'm leaving...with things left unfinished and unsaid, and hopes of wanting to do more for people, it's been so surreal and a huge part of becoming who God wants me to be.

To everyone i met at calvary, trinity, and just people i met here and there..you guys rock. I have to admit, you all are probably the best people i've encountered in my short 21 years of living. I don't regret coming here, because i know there is no "coincidence" with God. I know i was meant to meet you, and i was meant to invest into our relationships together. I learned so much about people, myself, and the goodness of His grace through you guys..and i'm forever thankful.

Seriously, SO much love to everyone i met from Calvary..you all have been an indescribable blessing to me. Coming into a new state with no friends except knowing my brother was tough..but you guys made every sunday worth it. You guys made every week and month go by, knowing that i'll soon be able to call you guys my friends. I'll miss all the laughs, jokes, talks, advice, and good eats with each of you. It's honestly been a heck of a ride and i'll keep you guys in my prayers always~

:( i'm actually really really sad to leave. So please, if i haven't told you already, reach out to me..i just didn't want to make it a big deal! I hope that we can talk and play before i leave next week (eep)

This is definitely not goodbye, but a simple "See you later" -- until the next chapter of sarah's crazy life. i'll be back to visit, or maybe even to come back to live. we'll see what God has in store for me.
but really... thanks for making me fall in love with the chicago burbs, and giving the best hospitality. midwest people, are truly amazing.

so much love and thoughts... xx

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