Saturday, January 25, 2014

Officially Missing You

I'm officially..missing everyone :'(

I'm pretty sure this is the only picture that has most of my girls in one pic<3 Love all of you guys and those who aren't in this pic.
How blessed were we that we all lived near each other and was able to see each other at least once a week...danggit now i have to settle for not seeing you guys for a few months :(

And i'm really missing all the other amazing people i've gotten close with recently/kept in touch with back at home. Especially my new song people :( I literally don't know what to do since this is the first time i'm away from homeee.... #help

Ok...well this is me just complaining but...if you're reading this..please keep in touch with me and talk to me </3 call me, text me, SKYPE me, fb me..IDC just communicate with me.
kthanks bye !

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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