Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 2 Update

It's already been 2 weeks since i've been here. Feels like e t e r n i t y

Good news: i had off today and tomorrow as well!
Bad news: it's because it's been -94583209543 degrees ! Thankfully they realize that we just shouldn't be allowed to walk to classes in this weather :)

Everything seems to be going along smoothly~ I'm really trying to make the most out of being here. Although i am here just for school, i have 3 years here..and when else am i going to be this far from home and experience new things!

I've been getting to know the girls on my floor/suite more so it's been really cool. They're all so sweet and i really am blessed to be surrounded by such nice people! But because it is a christian school, it's just different not hearing as much curse words and smelling cigarettes/alcohol everywhere! lol. They usually come to my suite to watch movies/eat/chill. And with my roommate situation, i'm just glad that she's super nice and we're getting a long. Better than a crazy psycho right? hahah

I didn't know i could learn so much in my classes. I knew that i'd learn a lot but i never knew what i'd learn! I'm learning so much about the foundations and basics of Christianity as well as other subjects relating to christianity.

I also have been blessed to join the Short Missions team to L.A. this spring break! :) I never felt a push to do missions, especially oversees, but i was really excited to learn about Trinity's urban missions in states. I love the idea of being in a big city that seems "glamorous" like LA but yet, you know there are certain communities and areas there that aren't so glam. We'll be teaming up with a community/church there and i will be learning more in detail about the trip this week! So i'll be updating you guys with more info soon :)

Calvary has been great so far~ It was the second time we went yesterday and my brother & I really enjoyed it. It's so hard for us to go out and meet people since we're both pretty introverted..but theres always certain people that are extroverted..and come up to us! :) I got a jist of what their sundays are like (reminded me of newsong!) - they have service at 9:30 am then fellowship with bagels and coffee! Then they seem to go out for lunch afterwards..then come back to church to watch some of the guys play basketball or whatever..then they have sunday.night.bowling. YEP. i got my bowling fix here !!! :) We didn't go this time because we were both pretty tired but super excited to go! lovelove bowling hehe :)
Also, like i mentioned before, they have a single ministry~ and they have a single ministry retreat coming up end of February! So i'm definitely attending and that will give me a chance to get to know them at a smaller setting~ the church itself is huge so it's hard to get to know people.

I also got a job!! Well, not a set set job, but taking baby sitting jobs :) I met a family recently with a 5 year old boy and 7 year old girl ! So so cute. I start my first day with them Feb 19th so i'm excited. Also meeting some other families to possibly babysit this week. I think it's a good chance for me to get money but also not be so consumed by the job.

Other than that..everything is great! I'm just learning so much about God everyday because of the environment and really learning how to trust Him more and more. He never fails to show His infinite grace, mercy, and love. Its truly amazing.

Also, thank you for those who i skyped, facetime, chatted, phoned with this week! I absolutely loved getting word from you guys and just feeling loved. Being away really shows you who cares about you. When you're home, people contact you often to hang out. So..when you're not home to chill with/convenient, people don't contact you. It stinks but i guess thats life right! Well, again, to those who still keep in contact..i love you guys more than you know. <3

Hope everyone stays warm and with da Lord ! :) hehe and thanks for following my updates.

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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