Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 1 Update

I'm usually horrible at keeping up with blogs so i won't be updating this too frequently~ But for those who want to know what's been going on, but haven't had time to catch up with me, i'll have some of thoughts/what i've learned here.

I've been here since January 9th, spending a great weekend with Jen in the loop in Chicago, IL. It was amazing having her to be with me here in Illinois the first few days~ we definitely enjoyed ourselves with sightseeings, shopping, eating, eating, and oh, eating. :)

Lake Michigan frozen in the back

On the 103rd floor of Willis Tower 

At the Bean in Millenium Park

It's been a week since i've moved into my dorm, Madsen Hall at Trinity International University in Deerfield Il..No i have not seen any deers yet. Madsen is apartment style/suit style dorms so it's nice having a full kitchen and a bathroom to share with only 3 other girls. My roommate is super nice but not my type..i'm trying to "do everything in love" but she definitely isn't someone i'd hang out with back at home/befriend just because of her personality.

Other than that, classes are great. I'm learning so much already and i've only had classes once or twice.
It's definitely different having professors put God into everything, even in my World Civ class. It's truly a blessing. Also, 32 Chapel sessions are required for full-time students so it's definitely something new. We go in for 50 minutes each mon, wed, & fri and theres worship & a sermon. Pretty traditional but great to be fed almost everyday :)

People are very sweet here, just praying for discernment with who God wants me to grow with. I noticed that being at a Christian school is great but it doesn't do well with finding my type of people. Back at home, when i meet a christian, that is instantly a connection we have/we can bond through. Being here, everyone is a Christian. Everyone loves Jesus.
Not complaining though! It's amazing knowing that we all can bond through that~ Totally different atmosphere from back home.  But i did learn that people here either came for sports scholarship, parents made them, they've been going to a Christian institution for their whole live (ms/hs), or they really wanted to grow in their relationship with Christ along with the same type of people (aka me & a lot of transfers)

My brother & I visited 2 churches so far: Hebron & Calvary. They are both Korean-American churches that have an English Ministry. I'm so blessed that i at least have my own family~ my brother here.
We just decided tonight to attend Calvary for now weekly, and hope that we grow/learn a lot from the community.
Calvary's English Ministry consists of young adults, singles, couples, families ranging from ages 22-40's. Its definitely different from New Song because of size and the age, but it was very welcoming and home-feeling. (Miss my newsong fam ! ) I love that they have different ministries and have a lot of fellowship/bible studies. Their worship also had songs that i definitely love worshipping to (Hillsong FTW) :)
They also have a youth group that has more or less of 80 students ! They said they're always looking for helpers so i'm excited to get myself plugged in as well. It will definitely be a huge learning experience for me especially since i want to someday become a Youth Pastor.

So that was a long update of my life so far !
Hope you guys back at home are all doing well~ i miss everyone like cuhrazy...Distance makes the heart grow fonder... :) Please keep in touch. I don't have friends here yet..that i like LOL so i'm always up for skype dates, phone calls, etc. Love y'all.

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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