Friday, March 14, 2014

Quick Debrief

Today was officially our last day with our ministry here in the community :'(
It really has been an awesome awesome experience and pretty life changing. God definitely rocked and shook my world and created a whole new set of eyes for me.

Here's a quick pic of my cute group. We grew so close the past few days :')

I just wanted to let you guys know that it's really been an amazing time here and I'm pretty set on trying to come back to the west coast to do some of Gods work here! I already dreamt about living here and the more I did some ministry here.. The more I'm thinking I can do so much of His work here. He really showed me how to love this trip. Obviously it's all up to God whatever He has in store.. But I'm rooting on Cali. It's seriously an amazing place here.. Filled with so many awesome people living out Gods work. I'm so excited to debrief with y'all once I get back to Trinity and give you a general idea of what it was all about! Especially to those who have prayed & financially supported me. You guys are all amazing.

Well we technically leave on Saturday morning so tmmrw will be our free day! So we'll be heading to Santa Monica Pier so I'm pretty stoked for that :) I went last year but only to a restaurant near by~ excited to see the beach & really enjoy Cali!! Hehe

Thanks for constantly checking up and stalking my blogs you guys! Hope you can keep praying for me and my faith~ it's seriously growing stronger every day. No turning back~

Miss you guys back at home.. Hope you guys are awesome. Praying for you guys! And have a wonderful weekend loves xo

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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