Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 9/10 Update

AH! HI GUYS~ Sorry it's been so long since i've blogged! After missions, i was extremely busy with so much school work/exams and life! #sorrynotsorry #yourgirlsgotalifenow
bahah! jk :)
But serious respect to those who have checked my blog nonetheless. I saw the page views go up even without an update..which means my stalkers have been faithful! LOL.

Missions was amazing~ Please read my newsletter posted on my FB for an update! That is the best way i could put it. And if anyone wants to talk to me about it more, please do~ I'd love to share in full detail and just encourage each other through my experience and what you can share with me.

Other than that, life has been g o o d~
School has been catching up so i've been busy with essays exams and all that fun stuff. I'm starting to not pay attention in my classes though...so i should probably stop that... Hehe I'm such a great procrastinator tho! Literally.. Way too good at it.

I've been babysitting more! & the parents and kids are starting to trust me more so I'm happy :) they're super super cute and ask me if I have a boyfriend everytime I watch them.. But it's all good~ they insist I tell them as soon as I get one. Don't worry kids.. The whole world will know LOL!
But seriously.. Is it just me or is everyone dating, engaged, or getting married!? Stop making us single people envy your happiness & love!!

Seriously man.. But I do see a difference in how I feel about all this. Last year and before this summer id just be jealous because I'd want a boyfriend/significant other for my own selfish desires and wants. Now.. It's just waiting on Gods timing! I mean don't get me wrong.. My door is super open LOL~ but my jealousy in other relationships is because I envy their love. I just wanna love onto people and sometimes people don't take it well cause it gets overwhelming/I'm too nice.. So I'd love someone.. Just that one.. To love! Haha idk bye..

Anyways~ seriously guys I've never been so happy. I'm just so content with everything in my life and just loving every day and moment. And I have God to thank for that.
Sorry I can't update more than just random thoughts! On the plus side, for all my loves back at home.. Just 2 more months! & I'm home bound for 3 weeks~ ^^ heheeee

But I hope you all have a great rest of the week! I'm busy but would love to skype with whoever can! Aka ma girls and whoever just wants to chat me up. Love you guys & thanking God for all of you for letting me be able to share my awesome journey with Him with you guys :)

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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