Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 8 Update

Hi guys! Hope everyones weekend was as great as mine~ And Happy Ash Wednesday! (Well..thursday now heh)

I usually don't give up anything/stopped because i've failed at it every year i've done it. Also, im pretty sure i always did it for stupid reasons! So this year, i decided to finally give up something i never would give up: KDRAMAS. (dammit) haha! Ahhh i've been getting so so consumed in it that since i got to illinois..aka 8 weeks, i'm pretty sure i've been through at least 5 whole drama series. And thats minimum 5 dramas. I just can't remember on top of my head! Also, to be realistic, i'm going to try to maintain a 4/week devotional/QT. And read one of the many books i've bought/received as gifts in order to expand my faith/knowledge for God! heh. I'm excited and i hope that i can keep it up and grow even closer to the Lord.

CSM Winter Retreat:
As you know, i went to my new churches' singles ministry winter retreat. I honestly went in expecting nothing but getting to know people, but i definitely got way more out of it.

We went to Lake Geneva, WISCONSIN (Fun fact: their water is soft and they're known for their cheese) from Friday evening to Sunday morning.
Friday: evening worship/sermon and games
Saturday: morning worship/sermon, small group, afternoon seminar, games, evening worship/sermon.
Then we left the camp around 7:15am so we can get to our 9:30 service.

I don't even know where to start so if you'd like to know more in depth, please organize a skype date wid me :) Overall i was able to get to know more people as well as get to know the word more. Ever since i came to Trinity, i've been learning so much about the word and God that i didn't before..and it's seriously been an amazing learning experience! Not that i never learned anything back at home, but i'm seeing it all in different perspectives and God has really been revealing a lot to me.

Also, i've seen a pattern/message God has been showing me-- that He is faithful. The past few years i had a lot of trust issues with Him..and for some reason, in my classes, at church, and everywhere, i'm constantly reminded of how faithful He is. Especially in the beginning when we think back to His promise to Adam. Then again to Noah, Abraham and then to us all. It's just amazing what God does in order to be one with us and have a relationship with us. It's seriously all a big romance and i'm getting more and more into it each day.

FOR ALL WHO HAVE SUPPORTED financially, with encouragements, and with prayers...thank you so so much. Literally means the absolute world to me. It is truly a blessing to have come this far..and also be given the opportunity to go on a missions trip to do even more of God's work.
I'm officially leaving in 3 hours for the airport! Then we will be leaving from O'Hare at 8:30AM !!!!! I will be in the Pico-Union part of Los Angeles from the 6th - 15th. I will have access to phone/internet and all that jazz so don't worry, i'll keep y'all updated!

The donation also doesn't end until April 2nd i believe (thankyouTrinity!) So i am still far off from my goal, but i believe in God's unending grace! So if any of you guys are feeling generous and loving, here is the link: -- Please don't feel obligated ! Just if you financially can support me, that would be ah-mazing. Prayers are worth just as much so please continue to keep me in your prayers! I will be in a dangerous area..gunshoots powpowpow!

Again..Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my life with you guys and for all the support i've received since day one. You guys are my rock (after the big G O D) hehe. Love all of you guys!

Have an amazing rest of the week and great spring break for those who are on it! I hope you guys will keep in touch with me, but i'm sorry in advance if i don't respond as quick! I have a super packed 10 days ahead for me :)

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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