Saturday, February 22, 2014


It literally brings me to tears when i think about all the amazing support i've received not just recently, but my whole life. I think sometimes my emotions get the best of me and i have moments where i think no one cares...(whichithinkwe'reallguiltyof) BUT~ When i really think about it, God has given me such amazing beautiful people that endlessly support and encourage me. What have i done to deserve any of this?!?!! You people, you beautiful people..are amazing.

I guess this is kind of a dedication/thanks/shoutout~

NEWSONGfam: You guys have been 100% supportive of every move every action i've done since..ever. There are so many of you guys that have just always gave me love and support, even through my crazy bi-polar stages. I love you all so much and i appreciate all you've done. Especially for those i've kept in contact with...mad love for you guys. I pray for you guys daily and am hopeful for the plans God has in store for you. I'm always praying for ALL you guys and i know God has huge huge plans for newsong EM. I not only believe it..i know it. 

MABiddies: You know who you are~ All my friends back at home. My girls, my dudes, basically my fam. I love you guys. We've been through a lot together and i hope that i can still continue to be there for you guys even when i'm far away. Always feel free to reach out to me, i'm no stranger~ I'll be glad to drop anything and everything just to hear you rant/talk/whatever. Thank you for all the words of encouragements, you don't know how much the littlest things mean to me. I see what God is doing in each other your lives and i'm so excited to see it just flourish and grow exponentially in the next few years. And especially to those who have been my spiritual encouragement since 2010..thankyou. I don't know what else to say but that. God has truly blessed me with you guys and all of you guys are in my life for a reason~ I hope that we can continue to bless each other and help each other grow in His love and in His kingdom.

UNIQLOfam: This really is dedicated to Kelly..(hi) LOL You've been so supportive of me since day 1. Ever since i started coming into your office bothering you and hannah, you both have been amazing! Thank you for all the support, love, and tough love! I seriously am so blessed to have met such a wonderful boss that took care of me more than just an employee. YOU are the <3 I promise i will watch that day off movie thing one day..for you. haha! :) And HANNAH~ I love you, you crazy you! haha! I appreciate all the phone calls, the updates, and endless support! You've been such a great friend and i love you for all you are. And all the other awesome people i've met, thank you for keeping in touch, always sending me love. I'm hoping and praying for the best for all of you guys! Hope you continue to grow in the company and really show em what you got ;) <3

fAbuLouSsistas: From my bigs to my pledge sisters, to all my other sisters..thank you for all the support. For those who read this/dont~ Im truly blessed to have met such a great group of girls. Without you guys, i wouldn't have been here today. I hope i can be supportive of you guys from afar and never lose touch! Thank you for ALL the love you've given me since the day i walked into TH34. (orwasit36?) LOL~ I won't forget freshman year spring 12. Alpha Alphas<3 

FBstalkers: HA jk...but really, to those people i've kept in touch through fb, social media, or even just texting, i love y'all. Reading my blog, liking my posts, and just anything encourages me to see that people are reading what i'm sharing and hopefully spreading the Gospel little by little. Don't be afraid to ever ask for prayer requests or anything~ i'm always open to hear from anyone!

KIMfam: oh 엄마...I hesitated putting this for you since you'll ever read it..but i want the world to hear how amazing you are. You are literally my number 1 everything. You're my best friend, my therapist, my prayer warrior, my financial support, my mother. Thank you for everything you've done the past 21 years..i don't know how you dealt with me! You are always so supportive in every action everything i do~ although i may seem crazy sometimes, you just find it in your heart to believe everything i do and say..and just pray for me constantly. I truly believe you are heaven sent by God and you are my mom for a reason. We may not have the best family situation, but having you and 오빠 in my life is all i need. And onto my awesome brother~ thank you for everything you've done for me since the day we started getting closer :') You're seriously the best brother i could ever ask for. Thanks for all the tough love and support you've given me. You're the main reason i'm here in Illinois so cheers for a new life together!!! Kim fam will do good in the midwest, i feel it~ God has great plans for you, even if you feel hesitant at times and think He's not there. He's been here always rooting for you~ hwaiting! <3 love you...and to my crazy cousin Ann<3 hehe i don't know if you read this..but HAYYY~ i miss you! I know we just started to keep in touch this past year..and i wish we could have done it sooner. All those years ive missed out on ! You would have been an amazing support during my highschool years..dammit. LOL. But anyways thank you for always being such a great 언니<3 You're always spoiling me and loving me~ thank you so much for bringing back the meaning of what "blood" means. You're awesome love yaaaa and rollie.. <3

all in all..mad love for all you guys. I'm here today because of most of you guys and i can't thank you guys enough. I truly truly am so blessed i can't evenoifjdiofgjdsklfjdsiofds explain. hehe.
have a lovely weekend y'all and God bless. <3

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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