Monday, February 24, 2014

Missions Support Letter

If you are my beloved friends and family, below is my support letter. I hate that i am not making this personal whatsoever, however..I really had no other way to reach other to all of you guys quickly! I appreciate you guys even reading this so pre-thank you to all. :') 

I only hope that you guys can help me in this journey to grow closer to Christ and envision what God has in store for me to further His Kingdom. I hope that we can encourage each other, pray for each other, and ultimately grow together in Him. Love you all~ but you guys already knew that heh.

To my beautiful friends and family:

I am more than excited to share with you guys that God has opened a door for me to finally go on a mission trip this Spring Break to Los Angeles with a small team from Trinity. I will be part of a team of 11 consisting of students and teachers.

 I am eager to see what God will do in both my team members and myself as we serve alongside our community partners (BUMP). While we are staying in Los Angeles, we will be within the Pico-Union community with the Evangelical Free Church (EFC) of Los Angeles.  I was convicted to choose this specific location because of the urban context. While this community is just on the other side of the freeway of the Staples Center and L.A. Convention Center, it is a completely different world.

            The purpose of our mission trip is urban ministry in a cross-cultural context. We will be exposed to the realities of working in an urban environment and be given opportunities to put it into practice. We will be focusing on the children and youth, providing school tutoring, ESL, and projects the local churches need assistance with. With doing so, we hope to gain a personal understanding of what it takes to be out in the urban mission field. We also hope to gain a radical personal growth in ourselves and our relationship with Christ, our team members, and also the community.

            As many of you know, being out here in Trinity is a new experience for me. I hope to develop relationships with my team members while exposing myself to a whole different world. As I am learning how to love more and “do everything in love,” I have high hopes that God will reveal His love for his children in a new refreshing way that will only deepen my love for people.
            With that said, I hope that you will be a part of my support team! There are many ways you can help as I serve in LA. First, the most valuable support you can offer is your prayer. I really mean it! I can go there with everything planned yet not be fruitful. Here are just a few prayer requests:
·      Please pray that I will develop positive relationships with my team members and the community members.
·      Please pray that my team and I will have a heart of humble service and willingness to learn. Through our service, that the people we serve will be open to the Gospel.
·      Please pray for our local hosts and the ministries we will be partnering with.
·      Please pray that my team and I will raise 100% of our funding.

Second, I really need your encouragement and concern. Not only do I need your personal experiences if you can share any, I really would love to strengthen our relationship with each other through Him.

Third, I am responsible to raise financial support for the cost of the trip. There are just a few weeks remaining until we leave, and I am in need of your financial support! The total for this 10-day mission trip will cost $1100, which will cover airfare, living expenses, and ministry fees.  If you would like to support the team and myself financially, Trinity has made an easy way to donate online! Please use the following link to proceed with any donations as soon as possible! (Donate) There are no words to describe how much I appreciate any support and love.

Thank you for partnering with me and making all of this possible.

In His Love,

Sarah Kim

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