Thursday, February 20, 2014

Week 5/6 Update

Today actually marks the 6th official week here in the windy state. Left my jersey home at 5:30 AM January 9th....seems like months ago. On that note, i miss my mom like crazy. I've been sick since Sunday night..and being sick with no one to take care of you really stinks :(
Its true what they don't know what you have, till its gone.
I use to freely call my mom whenever i was sick to bring home medicine, gatorade, and make me some 죽 and i'll be better in no time~ it's truly a tough world out here being alone. my brother is no help either -_- LOL. My conclusion? I told my mom i just need to hurry up and get married so i have someone to take care of me out here hehe. (jk...butnotreally)

Anyways, like i said, school has really been picking up. Had my first exams this week and a lot of assignments due... but i got an A on my first Philosophy test!!!! I'm not one to brag..but i literally hate philosophy and thought i was going to fail. So, all glory to God. Definitely didn't do it on my own ! I'll be getting my other exam back tomorrow...dundundun..i'm scared for my results for this one. If i even got a B, then legit God has done sometime and made me an awesome guesser! It was Old Testament but man it was tough! Does anyone know what major event happened in Numbers 11? 14? How about in Exodus 4? 헐...i just need to study more next time :/
Other than is aiiighttt~ just need to start working harder since the workload is picking up.

Here is a quick update on what my missions is going to be:
When: March 7th - 15th
Where: LA~ Pico-Union Neighborhood (huge crime rate..PRAY FOR ME) hehe. We will be staying with the local church in that area. And we're sponsored by EFCA BUMP (Bridging Urban Mission Partnerships)~ 
What: We will be doing after school tutoring, food distributions, working on projects with the local church, and a bunch of other things with the family and children of the neighborhood. The focus is to really expose ourselves to the realities of a urban neighborhood and what it is like to work in that environment as well. 
Why: I've said why a few times in my blog updates, but i think my main reason is to learn to love people more. Being in Illinois is already a huge change for me to learn to love different types of people (apart of us eastcoast biddies) and going into an urban setting would help me even more. Again, like i said, God has been revealing to me since last summer how to love more. I think this will be another great experience for me to learn so much about urban missions as well as learning to love God's children and giving back. 

With that said, i hate asking for anything, especially for myself..but i do need your help! I will be able to send out proper support letters if any of you'd like. Feel free to text/call me or FB message me or just shoot me an email. :) I need your prayers, encouragements, and of course financial help. The trip itself only costs $1100 but i need all the help i can get! I am a broke college student, that just wants to learn and experience as much as i can in the next 3 years. I haven't been looking for a real job because i want to concentrate on my studies/my relationship with yeah! I hope that you guys can help me. My school makes it super easy to donate through a website:
I won't know when you guys have donated until a bit after so if you guys do help, i promise i'll give my thanks~ i seriously would appreciate anything! even encouraging texts will help :)

PRE-THANKS~ Thank you guys for reading this and for praying for me, financially helping me, and loving me ! But seriously even if you guys don't donate its fine..BUT PRAY FOR ME! I'm super worried since its my first mission trip in like 5 years and it's with a group i'm not super comfortable with. Basically strangers. So please pray for meeee :D

Other than all that...Babysitting has been good! I babysat for 2 lil kiddies on valentines day and last night and they're the best. I really enjoy it because it gives me experience with working with children and helps me to step outside my comfort zone. It's also a change from a crazy fulltime job~ get to relax, enjoy, and do things at my own pace.

I will also be going to my new churches retreat next weekend~ I'm excited because it will give me an opportunity to get to know the singles ministry better. Hopefully it'll be a good time to bond and create deeper relationships!

And...i guess daz it for now. Hope you guys back home are well! Hit me up with hellos, prayer requests, and updates please :) I'd love to catch up with all of you guys reading this.
love ya lots xo

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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