Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 4 Update

It's been officially over a month since i've left my beloved home. Oh jersey/201/bergen/eastcoast~ i miss you everyday.

However, i've been doing well! or so i hope~ like i've said before, i've been getting busier with the school load, getting myself slowly involved in floor activities and trying to be more open.

Theres not much to say besides the fact that i'm learning so much. Sometimes i think that maybe i don't have what it takes to be a youth pastor because of all that it takes..but i'm way too passionate to have doubt now! Also, each day, even though i realize that it's a lot tougher than i had imagined, my love and passion for it grows. I can't wait to just give love to future junior/senior high students.

I actually just realized too that i really have a heart for the korean-american churches~ with all the corruption in it since probably a few generations before me, i want to be in God's plan to not necessarily fix it..but definitely to go through the healing process. I've been there so maybe it's just more relatable but i definitely want to focus on us korean-american teens.

We haven't met yet after the first time due to everyones conflicting schedules..but i'm not too worried! Although it is Trinity's first time in LA, i believe that God will help us to just do our part~ even if it doesn't seem so organized or structured. For some reason, i'm not freaking out..i just have a feeling that this mission trip is more than just doing physical things but just showing these people love.

I finally connected with someone for once! hey girl if you're reading this..LOL. But it was her first sunday too at Calvary so we bonded right away by the awkwardness and courage it takes to try out a new church. Especially her~ She came by herself to mad props to her.
It was such a breath of fresh air. Finally having something in common and same lingo (although she grew up here). We just had so much in common it was so refreshing. Now i have someone to go to the retreat with and hopefully we both can help each other get more involved in this new church and grow in our relationship with Christ.

Other than that, everything is good! I'm trying my best to not get so lazy with the free hours i have in a day...i spend way too many hours watching kdramas! I get all my work done way in advance so that makes me think i can do whatever. But i know i should be studying/reading more to get myself ahead~ so trying my best to be more active!

With that said..i might join a gym...LOL i know. But with all this free time, i feel like i can do soooo much! Spending my days in my bed and the library aren't fun anymore..so i hope i can update you guys soon with news that i joined a gym.

This past week i tried Chick-fil-A for the first time after nagging my brother to finally get dinner with me :) i love bothering him..except he already has friends and won't hang out with me..wompwomp.

instagram pics of the week:

 Obviously it isn't healthy, but it seemed better than a chicken sandwich from mcdonalds so i was pleased :)

For an early valentines day, our community night consisted of eating lasagne, salad, brownies, and cupcakes~ all the while stuffing it in our faces watching valentines day then something borrowed. 

On that note, for those celebrating Valentines day, hope you guys enjoy. My #singlegirlswag haterade is over (never really existed) and i wish all my best friends relationships the best. WOAH yep. i said it. 
(butseriouslytheguybettertreatyoulikeaqueenonthisdayandeverydayorelsehelldieinmyhands) hehe.

Thanks for always keeping up on this blog and i'll try to post more!
miss you and love you guys back home for reading this.

& to my newsong fam, my big, my sisters, and everyone else back home- hope you're doing well! i know i don't talk with all of you daily but i appreciate all the love and support i've been getting since my journey of coming here. Like i say, keep in touch, please :)

love you all xo

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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