Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 3 Update

hi friends! miss you all tons and tons. I realized i might have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out?) Michelle asked me if i had this..and i guess i do! Seeing pics of my friends hanging out makes me so sad i'm not there. But what can i do~ I'm here, and y'all are there. But i'm glad everyones doing so well back at home. Makes me wish i was there to celebrate this awesome life with them.

I've been getting more adjusted this past week~ I'm slowly getting the jist of what my teachers expect of us and when all my assignments are due/when my tests are. As i've said before i'm learning a lot so i'm super excited to just continue learning.
Like i said last week, i was off mon & tues so it was a great 3 day week! And this week we have friday off so i'm excited for that~ blessed man! haven't had a full week of school yet... #PTL 

I've been getting to know some of the people a little more..but like i said, a lot of freshies in my class and i'm the biggest loner (by choice) LOL so yeah, it'll take time ! But i do love a few people i've met. Really solid God loving people. Hopefully God will lead me towards awesome people.

I'm excited to give you guys more information on my missions trip to LA this spring break! I'll be gone from March 7th-15th. I learned that we'll be in the Pico-Union of LA~ It is populated with a lot of Latinos and minorities. We'll be in the El Salvadorian community basically. I forgot the names of the program and church we're staying at but i'll give some basic deets.

We'll be staying at a church which is IN the community (so cool)~ so these people that made the church (100 years this year) learned to live with the people they wanted to reach out to and just do life with them. It's awesome to hear because usually we hear of missionaries going once or twice to a community and helping out~ but these people are literally living with them. They have bought several houses in the community that house members of the church as well as discipling college students (Nehemiah House!!) 

During the 10 days we're there, we'll be teaching some of the younger kids in the area, just spending time with them, outreaching in a park nearby, and other activities the team leaders are currently figuring out. They emphasized that its mainly to just be with these people of the community. 

I'm super excited to be going on this stated last time, it's awesome to be doing it in such a huge city, so well-known..but to be in an area where it's really not so great and people need the help and support. I'm just excited to see what God might have in store for me..and be exposed to different communities that just need God's love and our genuine hearts.
I will be sending out support letters as soon as i can and i hope you guys will support my trip! 

So i've been going to Calvary the past 3 weeks ! So far i really like the people..i think i'm just such an introvert that it's so hard for me to get to know new people! Esp if they have no mutual friends with me! And back at bergen, everyone knows everyone so it's kind of the best way to start up a convo. However..its not the case here! But nonetheless, a few people have reached out to my brother and I, and we're getting to know them slowly.

We went to one of the members houses tonight to watch the superbowl & just hang out! it was fun seeing how they interacted with each other outside of church~ super cool and laid back..definitely the type of people i've been wanting in my life (like newsong..but not really heh) They're a funny group :)

And heres a pic i sent to my cousin (hi ann) while my brother and i were together today hehe

i really love being able to hang out with him weekly. It went from twice a year to every week! How great is God? Who knew that he would join the stationed here in IL...choose to be here for 4+ years..and i'd just pop on in and decide to do life here :O hehe

Also, there was a summer camp fair this week so i got a chance to meet with a few christian camps that came by. They need staff members and a lot of them pay $200 weekly + room and board so i'm definitely applying to a few so pray for me lovelies! That'll give me great experience with high school kids and just work experience. They're all over the states though (Kentucky, Colorado, Wisconsin) so it's going to be another learning experience for me..let's see what God has in store !

I'll continue keep you guys updated..thanks for reading (for you dedicated stalkers + the beautiful eunice ahn..thank you for your endless love<3) :) hehe have the best week guys! 

Do Everything In Love, Always~

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